Lost characters dating, list of lost characters

Lost characters dating

He is assumed dead on the island after being buried alive, the survivors having assumed he was dead following a paralyzing spider bite. Paulo works as a chef for a wealthy television executive in Sydney. Harold Perrineau Michael is a New York artist and construction worker who has not communicated with his son Walt since he was a baby. Eko is haunted by visions of his brother, who died in Nigeria and whose body was on a plane that crashed on the island before Eko's arrival. He appeared to Miles in and asked him not to go to the island.

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Christian has appeared multiple times on the Island to many different characters, including Jack, Claire, Locke, Hurley, Miles, Michael and even Vincent. Characters are listed alphabetically. Cindy Chandler is an Australian Oceanic Airlines stewardess dating the Flight passenger Gary Troup and is the only crew member other than Seth Norris to survive the crash.

List of Lost characters

  • Phil is a subordinate of Sawyer under the alias LaFleur and works as a security personnel for the Dharma Initiative.
  • He later comes to make amends with Locke when he convinces Locke to help him retrieve money he owes to a couple of heavies.
  • Miles previously worked as a medium in Inglewood, California.

Main Characters

Dharma Initiative Oceanic Airlines. At the end of the series he becomes Hurley's second-in-command. After escaping the island, dating Jack and Kate fully consummate their feelings for one another and become engaged to be married.

With Cindy, they follow the Man in Black. After the survivors are returned to the same timeline, Jin spends much of his time searching for Sun. Before Desmond went missing and crashed on the island she was his longtime girlfriend, although they broke up shortly before. After accidentally killing a greedy doctor while seeking medicine for his wife, he was sold into slavery just minutes before his planned execution.

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While trying to escape the Island via raft, Michael's son Walt is abducted by the Others. The couple is introduced early in the third season. He speaks Japanese, but knows English. Swoosie Kurtz adult Holland Roden teenager. She is shot and killed in an ambush along with Karl while leading Alex to the Temple on Ben's orders.

Claire was once employed by a fast food restaurant, and was previously dating an artist named Thomas. She claimed to be a bounty hunter working for the family of a man Sayid shot to capture Sayid and escort him to Guam. Miles Straume is a member of the freighter search team. Sun was aboard Oceanic Flight after accompanying her husband to Sydney on business. Diane never forgives Kate, vegas but decides not to testify at Kate's trial once Kate returns home as part of the Oceanic Six.

When Flight crashes on the island, he poses as a fuselage survivor until he is exposed by Hurley, at which point he abducts Claire and Charlie, unsuccessfully attempting to murder the latter. He claims that he is not evil, and just wants to escape the island. The plane falls with Boone in it, and his leg and torso are crushed.

Nikki and Paulo

The rat which Daniel trains to run a maze in Desmond's presence is named after her. At the end of the series he flies some of the remaining survivors off the Island on the Ajira flight. He is left behind on the Island when Michael and Walt leave. Initially he claimed that his name was Henry Gale, and it was later discovered as a ruse.

Nikki and Paulo

Lost characters dating

He leaves the Island with Kate and Claire on the Ajira plane at the end of the series. He is defeated while in mortal form in the series finale when Kate shoots him and Jack kicks him off a cliff, permanently killing him. Bram was killed by Jacob's nemesis, The Man in Black, in the form of the smoke monster. His team is ambushed by Sayid, Jin, and Bernard, but turns the tables and captures them.

He was also the brother of a passenger in the Beechcraft that crashed on the island. She is shot to death by Michael after accidentally witnessing Ana Lucia's death. Claire returns to prominence in season six, her time spent alone on the island having left her in a disturbed and feral state. He dies ironically when a stick of dynamite spontaneously explodes in his hand while he lectures Jack, Locke, speed dating thessaloniki Kate and Hurley on how to safely handle it.

Bernard Nadler weds Rose Henderson less than one year prior to the crash. On the island, Jin struggles as the only castaway who does not speak English, although he does eventually begin to learn. He is shot and killed by Sawyer despite having surrendered in the season three finale. Jack performs surgery on her, but informs her that she will never walk again.

Frank makes a controlled crash landing on the nearby Hydra Island. Then we start to see a more friendly side to Shannon. Juliet ultimately dies when she becomes trapped under debris as a result of The Incident and detonates a hydrogen bomb in order to reset the island's timeline.

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Full Cast & Crew
  1. In an attempt to prevent Karl from impregnating Alex, Ben imprisons him until he is rescued by Kate and Sawyer.
  2. He is given to Shannon by Walt and remains under her care until she is killed.
  3. Secretive, testy with everyone he encounters and trigger happy, Radzinsky is a control freak.
  4. Jack's testimony sways Kate's mother from testifying against her and Kate subsequently makes a highly favorable plea bargain that does not require prison time.
  5. Even though her fugitive status is revealed to the survivors, she still earns their trust.
Lost characters dating

Keamy eventually tracks Ben down and is stabbed to death by him. After landing, he was immediately met by Jack and Kate, and Faraday correctly assumed who Jack was. The survivors find the hatch and blow it open, and when they take over pushing the button he attempts unsuccessfully to escape the island.

She leaves the Island with Kate and Sawyer at the end of the series. He later infiltrates the Kahana freighter crew under the orders of Ben, in the hopes of making up for the lives he took by saving those of the people left on the island. The pair are mistaken for dead after being discovered by the survivors. Charlotte arrived on the island as part of the freighter search team, who arrived for Benjamin Linus.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Elizabeth Mitchell Juliet is a fertility doctor recruited by the Others. Titus Welliver The Man in Black, also known as the Monster or the Black Smoke, is the twin brother of Jacob and the main antagonist during the final season of the series. Ben Linus hunts Penelope down with intent to kill her in retaliation for his own daughter's death indirectly at the hands of Charles Widmore, but he changes heart when he sees she is now a mother. Michael strikes a deal with the Others wherein he exchanges Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley for Walt, and together the two leave the island by boat.

Lost characters dating
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When they get to the island they spend their time searching for the diamonds lost in the crash. The producers of Lost have asserted that Geronimo Jackson was a genuine, but obscure, s rock band, which released one album entitled Magna Carta. It is implied that in being revived in such a way, he has lost his ability to feel emotion. Juliet later dies of her injuries she received during the Incident after the characters return to the present time, causing Sawyer to temporarily join the Man in Black.

Kelvin claimed Radzinsky killed himself by putting a shotgun in his mouth. Christian Shephard, Jack's father, works as the chief of surgery at St. He has the most cutting wit out of the Kahana away team members, earning him a comparison to Sawyer by Hurley. Jack believes he needs to return to the island to save everyone left behind, and to hopefully rekindle his relationship with Kate. Jack's spiral downward eventually unravels his relationship with Kate from which he falls into further despair, becoming even suicidal.

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