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I just find it annoying to see someone whining about something, when the high road could be taken instead (e. Sarcasm about hobbies was only used to emphasize the absurdity of it all. I mean, to muddy the name of two journals and an entire scientific community (China) just because he finds the work of an author questionable is a little ridiculous.

The truth is John Baez is clearly worried about what he has done assuming that he understands the precarious situation in which he has brought Nature and himself. He lied his head off manipulating a good German journalist working for Nature and brought the journalist and Nature x a n a x 2 an indefensible situation.

Not that we are saying that John Baez is a monkey. That would be an insult to our predecessor primates. I have been trying to put comments on the link you mention above. This alone is for me an indication that El Being must be innocent. This applies to commercial publishing as well as learned societies. It is a journal where an engineer, a philosopher, an economist or a physicist can publish their work as Fluvoxamine Maleate Extended-Release Capsules (Luvox CR)- Multum as it is related to nonlinear dynamics.

It is not a journal for theoretical physics as naively stated in a clearly defamatory article published in the latest edition of Nature. It is a journal with little hierarchy where an intelligent person with no university affiliation can publish interesting papers side by side with a Nobel laureate in whatever discipline. I know for sure that all papers in this journal have been refereed and refereed meticulously. Three years after getting his Ph.

El Naschie had already published 60 papers in international journals. He was known then to be the most prolific engineering scientist in the field. During glaxosmithkline trading jsc time he taught himself physics, quantum mechanics and particle physics.

In addition he built a large consulting engineering company which brought him success and fortune. God knows how he was x a n a x 2 to do all that simultaneously.

Now he is retired, it is natural that his productivity should increase ten fold. It did not because he indeed spends a lot of time with his family, skiing and following his artistic inclinations. Another aspect you should not forget is that Xanex, El Naschie and to a certain extent Ord are the creators nice you meeting the fractal spacetime approach to particle physics.

They are the elite of this field. Of course they and their friends and students refer to each other. They are from the same field. Green, Schwarz and Witten refer to each other because they are from the same field. The same applies to the school of nonlinear x a n a x 2 in high energy physics.

Physics Review hardly ever accepts papers outside their gospel. It is not x a n a x 2 physics journal. It is an inter-disciplinary nonlinear dynamics journal and it is the best journal in this area larotrectinib an impact factor of 3. What do you think the great Chopin would think of music like that of Schoenberg. Of course it is only an analogy and the situation is quite different.

The school of nonlinear dynamics and x a n a x 2 spacetime is exploring new possibilities. The great thing about the American spirit in doing science is what Gell-Mann said once to me; while everybody x a n a x 2 why, the Americans say why not. I am sorry but the American way is definitely superior in many respects.

Now they are leading the world by saying yes we can and why not. Yes, I have also noted this, sorry. But following the hint of your anonymous colleague, you can now leave your long sermon in the comments section of the follow-up post, The Case of M.

I am sure that your contribution will be highly appreciated there. An URL is not required. Thuss, it will be much easier for the readers to differentiate between otherwise indstinguishable comments. Best, StefanHi anonymous,thanks for the reference to the follow-up post, The Case of M. El Naschie, Chemical education - but your comment on that post should clearly be left there, not here.

By the way, if you insist on propagating libel, slander and lies, as you do, using a real name or at least a consistent pseudonym enhances the chance of not being deleted.

Just read the hint addressed to your anonymous colleague to see how this can be done.



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