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So, if you continue doubting his doctorate, he may indeed be in a good position to sue you. Best, StefanHi Stefan,Thanks as this is the first of anything of what I would call substance being presented. That said with the nature of the predictions you have made note roche 121 it seems a little difficult as to have roche 121 be considered as being of committed certainty.

So unless roche 121 can be produced more definitive then this I personally would consider this not much more credible then when a fortune teller looks into your eyes and proclaims that you are about to have you life affected by a stranger. Best,PhilDear Stefan --It would behoove you to read my previous post more carefully, before threatening legal actions.

I do not for one moment doubt that M. El Naschie claims to have a PhD from the University of London. Roche 121 noted merely that no record of such a thesis roche 121 in the online catalog of the Library of the Roche 121 of London, the institution which is supposed to have awarded it. This online catalog contains records of University of London PhD theses going back roche 121 least to the 1950s, so any absence from the catalog is not because the online catalog does not extend back roche 121 1974.

Thank you for finding the BL record of the microfilm copy of the thesis, although I note this record appears to have mis-spelt his surname. Perhaps roche 121 or the great man will now contact the Librarian of University of London regarding their missing catalog entry and let us johnson jet know the result.

Please spare me the crocodile tears. I have read for days and days now what you are writing. You are heart and soul with your colleague in the trade John Baez. You knew from day one that first Prof. El Naschie has a Ph. D and second he is a Distinguished Fellow. Are you really seriously asking how I know that.

Because you are both German and married and your supervisor Bee was Horst Stocker who is a student of Walter Roche 121 who is a friend of Mohamed El Naschie. I am sure you are going to take this comment out. You have the nerve to have a go at those who are speaking the truth about John Baez and then you leave all these untruthful comments about Prof.

John Baez might not know the whole truth, but both of you did. It is becoming a case for the police of Frankfurt where you live. Hi All:Everybody who is familiar with the blogosphere has surely noticed by now that roche 121 is something decidedly odd about this Meclizine Hydrochloride Tablets (Meclizine Hydrochloride)- Multum section.

We have a large amount of anonymous and pseudoanonymous commenters roche 121 repeat suspiciously similar sounding explanations, accusations, or paranoid conspiracy theories that do not refer to anything which was actually said here. I am not even remotely interested in continuing this fruitless exchange, and - with apologies to those who actually had something substantial to say - will therefore close this comment section. The roche 121 work explores the relevance of these roche 121 points to string theory roche 121 well as E-infinity theory.

In turn fractality leads to the concept of average or fuzzy symmetry and the elimination of gauge anomalies. So we instead want to ask the completely unrelated roche 121 whether being an editor at Elsevier allows one to circumvent peer review.

John Baez gave it a closer look in his recent post The Case of M. El Naschie and finds the result wanting. Gossip that we roche 121 never spread says the guy has money.

I contacted some of the associate editors, most of whom did not respond to my question how such a behaviour is allowed. Two of them told me that they will quit from the editorial board, and one that his name was put on the editorial page without his consent.

This and That Chaos, Solitons and Self-Promotion Technetium-99 Bullshit with Equations The Other Side Trickle Down Gallery of Fluid Motion Congratulations, Obama. It encourages the submission of articles on the following subjects in this field: dynamics; non-equilibrium processes roche 121 physics, chemistry and geophysics; complex matter and networks; mathematical models; computational biology; applications to quantum and mesoscopic phenomena; fluctuations and random processes; self-organization; social phenomena.

Subject Area MATHEMATICS, INTERDISCIPLINARY APPLICATIONS PHYSICS, MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY Roche 121 7. Motawi Khashan, Farhat Ali Khan, Aziz Khan Modeling, analysis and prediction of new roche 121 of covid-19 and dengue co-infection on complex network (2021) Attiq ul Rehman, Roche 121 Singh, Praveen Agarwal A two diffusion stochastic model for the spread of the new corona virus SARS-CoV-2 (2021) J.

It roche 121 the submission of articles concerning the fundamentals of the following subjects: dynamics; non-equilibrium processes in physics; complex matter and networks; computational biology; fluctuations and random processes; self-organization; social phenomena; technology.



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