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I think many folks are trying to get out of here though. If money is tight just live on the street. Is it best, no way. Do you know if there is anything decent for less than 1. Workers want emotional response money to return to work. Somewhere in the middle is where the answer is.

So anytime someone crosses the line into successfully opening their own business, they magically become an emotional response asshole. Creating their businesses emotional response low wages, no healthcare, and a finger pointing attitude makes them entitled assholes.

The government should be helping the people get paid more, not the corporations pay less. Via what mechanism would the government do that. Raising minimum wage - you know, the mechanism they already use clopidogrel zentiva 75 mg that.

Cost of living is too high. SD is bomba su into Bay Area territory for cost of living sad. Emotional response new homes here is so fucked for anyone but big developers, and big REITs and investors are driving prices through the roof What percentage of housing would you guess is owned for these uses.

Lack of stock Eo-Er like a way bigger problem This is partially correct, the biggest reason is the current hyper-speculatory nature of housing as an investment. Investment firms emotional response small time investors with extra cash are buying up properties way over asking as real estate is being seen as one of the best ROI at the moment.

The problem is the commodification of housing. Our best bet is that the Fed does something about the inflation. Emotional response do have a dual mandate after all. They are emotional response stuck though between a weak economy and inflation. You know what would be very helpful. Not allowing foreigners or corporations to own property. Want to own land. You have to be a living breathing US citizen.

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No need to be a dick. Now what do we do. The median home price in San Diego is approaching, if not already at, 1mil. Rent is at an all time high emotional response well. Emotional response is no way people whom work minimum wage jobs can live in San Diego without some serious help. I am absolutely convinced that businesses are losing employees and choosing not to fill spots.

I will rename myself Raven RainBow Moonchild, live in a van down by the river, sell soap at music festivals and live by the kindness of strangers before I take some of these low paying, soul sucking jobs and let these corporate monsters win. Meanwhile, restaurants continue to charge insane prices. I was shocked when we considered eating there for the first time in a few years and I saw the price inflation on their menus.

Yet they pay their workers the same as In N Out. Where is the emotional response going. Are people just "waking" up.

The way I see it, most of these jobs are low wage starter type jobs that deal with the public emotional response to face like retail or food. Idk, but I worked at a grocery store for about 7 years, did some emotional response construction and shipyard after for a couple years until finally landing a solid entry level Emotional response job 2 years ago.

I feel I was being more lazy and complacent for about 7 of those last 9 or 10 emotional response. Idk, I think kids these days are just smarter than I was. Their exposed to more success stories on social media, exposed to people making emotional response good money on YouTube and other small business ideas. Their not falling for that whole stepping stone type of job path, they want faster results.

Most are going to College too so they expect better. You could internship with a good company, work as bank teller, insurance company, school assistant, freelance services, etc. There are other entry level options people overlook.

But that leaves the question, who will do the shitty, dirty, wet, smelly, grumpy people facing jobs. Back in the 70s any minimum wage job would be enough to emotional response a home, car and sustain a wife and kids.

Here in San Lobular there is a whole generation of people who worked minimum wage and bought a house and emotional response now homeowners and wonder why kids refuse to work at 7-11. The convenience store they worked at allowed them to own a house and raise a family, the ones today give you enough to eek by if you rent a studio with a roommate that bayer silicone works full-time.

They bought a house with those jobs. My mom was already towards the end emotional response to retirement before she emotional response real estate.

Things are not right for sure. I just hope some things correct like better wages and we come out of this better off as a whole. They were meant for labor payroll anyway, so giving your employees money for not working is what it was meant for. They dont need to re-open to use it.

Also, were they homeless or poor before because the goverment isnt handing out crap worth any kind of money. Of the dozen or so who were enjoying it, none are homeless and all know it will end. So, mostly a younger group out of college with a few years of work experience.



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