Gm alternator hook up, 3 wire gm alternator wiring

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Is my alternator hooked up correctly

But it is working well and to me that is what matters. Where should I connect the black ground to? Is it the type with a v-drive or a serpentine belt?

Wiring a Delco (GM) Alternator

Gm alternator hook up - Seeking Female Single Women

Is my alternator hooked up correctly

How to Install a 1-Wire GM Alternator

3 Wire Gm Alternator Wiring

That only leaves the factory to wire quick connector to sort out. There are admittedly some drawbacks but like most things in life, they work if you understand the shortcomings. Sounds like you are saying the it should be hooked up to the stud that it is currently hooked up to, is that correct? Since the wire from the alternator needed to be hooked to a switched source that did not interfere with the ignition system I hooked it to my electric fan. It will light if the alternator stops charging then?

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Just follow the diagram and instructions. Works for me have done it several times. What Determines The Output? Run the diode or run the white wire to the accessory side of the switch.

You need the indicator lamp or a resistor to exite the alternator. Lester Piggott likes this. That wire should be of similar gauge as your hot wire to the battery connection, and it needs to be mounted to the engine block, which should also have a good connection to the chassis. This can also produce a low voltage problem at engine idle speed depending on the amount of reduction. No, online create an account now.

Another concern was the lack of an external voltage sense connection. Only thing left to do is to go back through the wiring harness and see if there is an indicator lamp or a resistor installed somewhere. They intend for it to go on the output stud of the alternator, but it may as well be jumped to the other black wire at the connector that is how a one wire alternator is wired. We've had some deep discussion about those - and even showed links to professional charging system sites, college and the concensus was - they aren't great for cars.

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These are the bulletins that will apply to most people with regular drivers. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. Photo by It is time for you to get serious about car repair so that you're not getting into situations that you. Take a look at our build from start to finish.

Two Minute Tech Convert a 2-Wire Alternator to Single Wire Electrical

All the car owner needs to do is connect the positive post on the back of the alternator to the positive post on the starter solenoid or the battery. Once the voltage regulator turns on, the alternator will remain on and charging until the engine comes to a complete stop. So can I just hook it to a gauge light or something? Then you only have the gauge wire if you have one and the line back to the battery to route.

  • Maybe I have something else funky I dunno'.
  • The confusion is understandable, but knowing what makes the two different can clear things up.
  • Seems they forgot to draw in another transistor.
  • The problem you can have is if you are motoring down the road and you have to shut the motor off there is a good chance it won't die.
  • It also sounds like from reading your post again and again that I have the red power cable hooked up correctly.

Where does the red power cable with ring connector get hooked up to on the alternator? By comparing the peaks, plateaus and squiggly Hooking up an oscilloscope is just as easy as attaching a timing light or voltmeter. We had this problem with a drag car and when we clicked it off on coast down the car would continue to run until the car stopped. Now to see if the wifi link to my wife's new printer works. Here's one that's similar to the first one but with external regulator.

Just installed one on my forklift. It's nice to see this brought back. Pull the battery cable if you aren't going to drive it in a while. If it senses low voltage at the fuse block, the regulator will raise the voltage accordingly. Using the big alts seems to over ride the old style switches and fuse boxes.

Thank you just what I was looking for. Your donations help keep this valuable resource free and growing. We'll send you the most interesting Street Rod articles, news, car features, and videos every week. This site has a lot of info on alternators etc. For restorations, most people tend to stick with what the factory offered, and both Tuff Stuff and Powermaster can help with those applications as well.

Hooking up a one-wire alternator is easy, but there are still some things to consider. If the voltage was lower, then it essentially told the alternator to produce more voltage. In many classics and musclecars, the output of the alternator was simply to sustain the power needed to run the engine with the headlights on.

What do you do when the stock alternator was originally externally regulated? Also, I'm not too familiar with your style of alternator, mine only has a field wire and power wire. Help is just a click away!

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Gm alternator hook up - Seeking Female Single Women
3 Wire Gm Alternator Wiring - Wiring Forums
  1. As the tie between the alternator and battery is now a current carrying conductor, the drawback is the voltage drop from the alternator to the battery.
  2. Many factory alternators from the classic car era had gauge wires, which are not sufficient to handle higher alternator outputs.
  3. Or can I hook it to an ammeter that shows positive or negative charge?
  4. The full explanation would probably run into a couple of pages - but most of it has been covered here multiple times and at least one time at great length.
All about the 3 Wire Alternator - Route 66 Hot Rod High

Everyone needs to see this thread, this question gets asked at least once a week. More current should not be pushed through a wire with a problem. Got any more Chevy diagrams? As you can see, the further the distance, the bigger the wire should be. Without a solid ground connection, is big time rush dating the alternator may not charge properly.

Changing the pulley ratio on the alternator by slowing it down will generally keep a one-wire regulator from charging. The air moving past the fan keeps it spinning and it will produce enough current to allow the car to continue running. If that is the case then Ijust hook it to the positive side of the light, and the negative just goes to ground, correct?


As you might assume, the concept behind a one-wire alternator is that there is a single wire used to connect the alternator to the battery. And some of the modern electronics are quite sensitive to the voltage in the system. Just make sure that you're getting good voltage at the fuse block, at idle, with all accessories on.

Since the alternator sensing isn't any sort of a load, there's no voltage drop to be concerned with as far as that end - there's a lot of other possible issues being left out. Get rid of the gauge wire and you're down to a homemade one wire alternator. After I drew it up I saw this thread! Although we're known for our specialty car parts, Speedway Motors has gifts for everyone in the family!

How to Hook Up a Single Wire Alternator

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